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Terms Of Service
General Terms
A Advertising in posts/signatures etc... is NOT allowed by normal registered members. If you want to advertise your forum , we do banner exchanges, we also provide advertisement slots, contact RubberDuck if your interested. Subscriber may advertise.
B If you upload content thats not yours you must have written permission from the original author.
C You must NOT upload paid plugins or themes from other websites, unless the author has givin you permission to do so.
D Hacking , warez or any illegal content is not permitted in any shape or form.
E Spammers will be banned instantly.
F Duplicate account creation will not be tolerated. All duplicate accounts will be closed.
G Disrespectful behaviour towards other members may result in a ban.
Subscription Terms
1 MyBB Extras does not permit redistribution of any premium plugins under any circumstances. Users found to be redistributing premium plugins will have their subscription terminated immediately.
2 When you purchase a subscription you purchase to gain access to the currently displayed plugin list. MyBB Extras is under no obligation to provide further plugins to the subscriber section after your initial subscription.
3 MyBB Extras have the right to remove any subscriber plugins at any time without notice.
4 When your subscription expires you wont be eligible for support but may still use the plugins for your own use. Plugins are still copyright material at all times, so redistribution at anytime will result in a DMCA notice submission to your host.
5 Purchases on MyBB Extras are non-refundable under any circumstances, so be sure you check out the subscriber section and any other paid plugin throughly before subscribing.
6 If for any reason your subscription is terminated, you lose all usage rights for all subscriber plugins. Failure to remove all plugins from your website/forum will result in a DMCA notice submission to your host, requesting removal of all plugins.
7 Subscription costs can be changed at anytime without notice. Any changes made does not effect current subscriptions.
8 Subscription periods are as stated, provided the website remains open. If for any unlikely reason we close the website your subscription will obviously end. While subscribing to MyBB Extras you acknowledge this condition and understand that your subscription period will end if the site closes.
9 In an unlikely event that we decide to close the forum at anytime all users will be given a minimum 2 week notice.
10 All subscribers must keep a copy of their paypal transaction as proof of subscription. They may be required from time to time to provide proof of subscription. Failure to do so may result in your subscription being suspended or terminated.
11 If your subscriber account is terminated your MyBB Extras licence is also terminated therefore is rendered null and void.
12 If your website is hosted with an offshore host, your subscription may be rejected.
13 The above terms of service may be changed/updated at any time without notice.
MyBB Extras - Terms Of Service