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Automotive icon pack? - rocketfoot - 12-17-2010 21:36 PM

Some of the icon packs are excellent! Does anyone know where I can get a nice set of automotive icons? I need like an engine, gears, tires...stuff like that?

RE: Automotive icon pack? - Echo - 12-17-2010 21:40 PM

Its not a pack but have you tried looking here:

RE: Automotive icon pack? - rocketfoot - 12-17-2010 22:19 PM

(12-17-2010 21:40 PM)Echo Wrote:  The contents of this section are hidden from your usergroup.

I have...there are some good icons there, but I am looking for a set that matches. If I use iconfinder, I'll have to edit a lot of them to fit my needs.

RE: Automotive icon pack? - diehard2621992 - 02-05-2011 16:58 PM

Thanks u Very Much

RE: Automotive icon pack? - CourtneyAdia - 02-17-2011 18:51 PM

Please help me. Where we can download Automotive icon pack.

RE: Automotive icon pack? - Echo - 02-17-2011 19:07 PM

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