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Add Image Upload During Registration - codybear - 09-15-2015 12:07 PM

I am creating a forum for an alliance I am part of for a game. In order to make sure everyone is who they say they are, I am requiring a screenshot of their base showing them logged in to their account.

I tried taking a look through the available plugins here, at the official mybb mods page, and google with no luck.

What I need specifically:

  1. An image upload field in the registration page (there's currently no image upload option in custom fields).
  2. This image should not be visible to other board members, only to admins so I can view it and verify who they are in the game for registration approval (alternatively this image could be emailed/pm'd to the admin).

I was wondering either, 1, is there a plugin already available for this? Or 2, where would I start to add this certain type of field to the registration page but not make it visible to other members?

On a side note, Hello Echo, it's been quite a while man.

RE: Add Image Upload During Registration - codybear - 09-17-2015 23:39 PM

Also looking for a way to take Facebook posts and publish them as a thread. The game I play only posts updates/news on their game specific Facebook page and not any RSS type feeds. :/

Found a twitter account with the updates also, wouldn't mind if that was used instead of facebook posts, but regardless i don't have admin access to either the fb or twitter accounts. so it'd have to be a way to convert them to rss without a local machine doing the work.