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[MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - BrianTheKiller - 06-09-2015 22:46 PM

Name: MySupport
Description: Add features to your forum to help with giving support. Allows you to mark a thread as solved or technical, assign threads to users, give threads priorities, mark a post as the best answer in a thread, and more to help you run a support forum.
Author: BrianTheKiller
Author Website: The contents of this section are hidden from your usergroup.
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.8.x
Files: 4 (plus 13 images)
Templates added: 22
Template changes: 21
Settings added: 26
Database changes: 1 new table, 21 new columns to 4 default tables.

This plugin will add multiple support features to your forum.

* Choose which forums to enable MySupport in.
* Mark threads as solved.
* Mark threads as technical.
** Alert of technical threads in header.
** List of technical threads in Mod CP.
** Option to hide a technical status from people who can't mark as technical; display technical threads as simply not solved to regular users.
* Display the status of threads as either an image, or as text. Configurable on a per-user basis as well as a global basis.
* Assign threads.
** Alert of assigned threads in header.
** List of assigned threads in User CP.
** Icon on forum display to see what threads have been assigned and what threads are assigned to you.
** PM/subscribe to thread when assigned.
* Give threads priorities.
** Highlighted on forum display in colour representing priority.
* Mark the best answer in the thread.
** Only thread author able to do this.
** Highlights the best answer and includes quick access link to jump straight to best answer, both at the top of the thread and on the forum display.
* List of users' support threads in User CP.
* Highlight staff responses.
* Deny users support.
** Configurable reasons.
** Unable to make threads in MySupport forum.
* Configure a points system to receive points for MySupport actions.
** Receive points for having a post marked as the best answer.

To Install:
Upload ./inc/plugins/mysupport.php to ./inc/plugins/

Upload ./admin/modules/config/mysupport.php to ./admin/modules/config/

Upload ./inc/languages/english/mysupport.lang.php to ./inc/languages/english/

Upload ./inc/languages/english/admin/config_mysupport.lang.php to ./inc/languages/english/admin/

Open ./Upload/mysupport_css_additions.css and add the code inside to the bottom of global.css for your themes, by going to ACP > Templates & Style > **choose theme** > global.css > Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode > scroll down and add the CSS to the bottom.

Go to ACP > Plugins > Install and Activate

Have fun

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - mobo12 - 07-20-2015 08:26 AM

is it like support thread ? threads will be private between staff and user not public to everyone?

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - oggs91 - 10-17-2016 12:09 PM

thanks for the plugin, but actually im just writing this to download it ^^

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - iRio - 10-26-2016 23:00 PM

Lets see this i been looking for this

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - OlDirty - 11-10-2016 12:26 PM

That´s great. Thanks

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - weirdo - 05-05-2017 00:03 AM

thanks for the plugin

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - fodor12 - 01-25-2018 12:14 PM

This plugin perfect good.. Smile 1.8 compatibily?

RE: [MyBB 1.8] My Support Plugin - Animizio - 02-28-2018 01:28 AM

thank you..will try it on 1.8 Smile