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A2Detector Plugin Translation - PhantomX - 09-08-2013 15:15 PM


Is there a way to bring back the following plugin? After upgrading PHP it has stopped working but it is an extremely valuable plugin. If not could it be remade?

Link to Plugin -

I was going to request the plugin but couldn't find the form. I will resubscribe to the site to purchase if necessary.


RE: A2Detector Plugin Translation - Echo - 09-08-2013 15:26 PM

The request page is here:

What error are you getting now since you upgraded your PHP ?

RE: A2Detector Plugin Translation - PhantomX - 09-09-2013 01:05 AM

Nevermind, when running the PHP - Apache version it has the error. When I switched it back to FastCGi it started working again. My FastCGI on my site was broken but finally got around to fixing it.