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MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - Echo - 07-03-2013 16:07 PM

Screenshot (More to come as development progresses)


MyBB Zip Downloads - is a complex zip/rar package upload/download system where your users can submit content in the form of zip and rar packages. Submissions must then be checked by an admin and approved if they see fit. Approved downloads are only available to selected usergroups. Error checking during uploading and editing are all checked using jQuery (If javascript is disabled error checking is done via php). Users can edit there own submissions if allowed via a setting in acp. The plugin has several pages such as the ability to view a list of unapproved submissions, the ability to view users that are banned from using the plugin and also a search system that allows you to search for specific content. Users can add their own categories for the content that they upload, for example if they where to upload a smiley pack they might label the category "Graphics", this allows users to search content based on graphics etc......

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, post below.

Current Features
  1. Uploading Packages (ZIP & RAR)
  2. Edit Submissions (When finished you are returned to your submission regardless of the page number you came from)
  3. Approve / Unapprove Individual Sumbissions
  4. Approve / Unapprove All Sumbissions
  5. Delete Individual Submissions
  6. Delete All Submissions
  7. Choose to delete files from server when submissions are deleted, If you choose not to delete files, all files that belong to a deleted submission will be renamed so you can manually delete them at a later stage.
  8. Ban Specific Users
  9. jQuery Error Checking
  10. Pagination (Choose how many submissions to show per page)
  11. File Download Counter

Features currently being added
  1. Unaproved Submissions Page
  2. Search Submissions Page
  3. Banned User Page
  4. View "My" Submissions Page
  5. And more............

Plugin Name: MyBB Zip Downloads
MyBB Compatibility: 1.6*
Plugin Version: 1.0
Author: Echo

This plugin is a single paid plugin which means its not part of the subscriber section. You can purchase this plugin via paypal for €10. Full support and unlimited upgrades are included. By purchasing this plugin you're also contributing to future plugin development at mybbextras. Without supporters mybbextras would not exist. Thank you for your support.
The contents of this section are hidden from your usergroup.

RE: MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - iPizza - 07-04-2013 11:16 AM

very good admin .. Smile

RE: MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - Echo - 07-04-2013 17:25 PM

Updated slightly Big Grin

RE: MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - Echo - 07-05-2013 14:02 PM

Improved package preview image display and pagination (I have set it so that 2 results are shown before pagination is visible for the purpose of this example, you will be able to set the amount of results to display perpage in acp.)


RE: MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - Echo - 07-06-2013 10:27 AM

Dark theme example:


RE: MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - Echo - 07-15-2013 10:36 AM

Complete !!

RE: - Xoyce - 04-27-2014 11:41 AM

Does this plugin support file categories? Also some screenshots would be nice.

RE: MyBB Zip Downloads / Uploads - Echo - 08-25-2014 13:50 PM

Price Reduction !!