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MyBB Userbar - Echo - 12-11-2012 15:01 PM


This plugin displays a jQuery userbar with a drop down panel on top of your forum. You can access avatars, signatures, latest content etc.. quickly from the drop down menu. The drop down itself displays your current avatar, if you dont have one set it will prompt you to set one. Theres multiple settings in ACP to change the background texture of the drop down panel and a setting to change the gradient colour of the userbar itself.

Updated 1.1
  • Fixed Register Button Link
  • Added Additional Admin Groups Link Setting
  • Dropdown Panel Squares Now Clickable

Plugin Name: MyBB Userbar
MyBB Compatibility: 1.6*
Plugin Version: 1.1
Author: Echo

This plugin is a single paid plugin which means its not part of the subscriber section. You can purchase this plugin via paypal for €5. Full support and unlimited upgrades are included. By purchasing this plugin you're also contributing to future plugin development at mybbextras. Without supporters mybbextras would not exist. Thank you for your support.

RE: MyBB Userbar - harlenjoy - 12-12-2012 14:46 PM

Very Nice Plugin! Great Job Sir. .hope you release more. .looking forward Smile

RE: MyBB Userbar - Switchbladed - 12-12-2012 15:02 PM

In the next update, please add:
  • Option to change the order the User/Mod/Admin CP Links are in - In Progress
  • The squares clickable, not just the links and images - Completed
  • Custom usergroups to see the admin cp link - Completed
  • Option to allow users in the User CP to edit their personal settings of the bar, such as the gradient and backcolour of the dropdown, and images or text for the user cp and logout links - I'll have to look into this

Thanks Smile Will add more when I can remember/think of more

RE: MyBB Userbar - Echo - 12-12-2012 15:18 PM

Ok, keep that post updated and I'll edit it as I have the extra features added.

RE: MyBB Userbar - Switchbladed - 12-12-2012 15:30 PM

No problem. Smile Will keep updated.

RE: MyBB Userbar - Cookiemonster - 12-13-2012 03:49 AM

awesome ! sucks i am working now on the ship ... and have to take a taxi to go to a internet cafe.. but when i am home... i want to buy this then Big Grin

Rating: 10+

i like it !

RE: MyBB Userbar - Switchbladed - 12-13-2012 10:50 AM

(12-13-2012 03:49 AM)Cookiemonster Wrote:  The contents of this section are hidden from your usergroup.

Such a great plugin request whoever requested it... Smile (Me)

RE: MyBB Userbar - Echo - 12-13-2012 12:50 PM

(12-13-2012 10:50 AM)Switchbladed Wrote:  The contents of this section are hidden from your usergroup.

LOL Big Grin

RE: MyBB Userbar - Switchbladed - 12-13-2012 22:13 PM

Hehe. Great job on making it!

RE: MyBB Userbar - Switchbladed - 12-15-2012 05:48 AM

The register button on my forum is broken, it needs to have /forum/ at the start of it, because my forum is not on the root of my site, can you add an option to change this? I couldn't find it in the templates.