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MyBB Extras Footerbar - Echo - 06-13-2012 19:35 PM






MyBB Extras footerbar is fully integrated with your mybb forum. If provides your users with their latest stats, quick access links, pm notifications and several other features displayed below. Currently there are two themes available, a light and dark colored theme that will accomodate almost any forum design. More themes will be created and added over time. Themes can be changed via your mybb ACP along with several other options.

  • PM Notifications (Displays currently active PM's and unread PM's)
  • Latest Thread Display
  • Forum Links Popup
  • Social Links Popup
  • New Posts / Todays Posts / Your Posts / Your Threads Panel
  • Show/ Hide Bar
  • Home button
  • Multiple Themes (Currently 2 available, more to be added over time)
  • Admin Control Panel (Full control on what you want to display)
  • User Stats Section (Displays username, avatar, posts, reputation, refferals)
  • UserCP section (Access to forum usercp, private messages, search the forum directly, buddy list and logout button)
  • Login Form (Login to your forum directly from the footerbar)

Plugin Name: MyBB Extras Footerbar
MyBB Compatibility: 1.6*
Plugin Version: 1.0
Author: Echo

This plugin is a single paid plugin which means its not part of the subscriber section. You can purchase this plugin via paypal for €5. Full support and unlimited upgrades are included. By purchasing this plugin you're also contributing to future plugin development at mybbextras. Without supporters mybbextras would not exist. Thank you for your support.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Scois0n - 06-13-2012 20:46 PM

Neat, but for half the price of my subscription, i think i'll pass. Nice job though, wonderful plugin! I think probably the first of it's kind besides CometChat.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - dthiago - 06-14-2012 13:05 PM

(06-13-2012 20:46 PM)Scois0n Wrote:  The contents of this section are hidden from your usergroup.

Really amazing!!!

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - I Love MyBB - 06-14-2012 17:14 PM

Sir, i am interested in buying this. I somehow need this for my forum. But first,
How many queries does this plugin add? Thanks.
And if possible sir, can i see sir the screenshot of admin settings in which we are configuring settings for this plugin. Thanks.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Echo - 06-14-2012 18:27 PM

This plugin only runs 1 query (latest thread display) It's really lightweight. There's a screenshot of the admin settings in the first post.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Frank.Barry - 06-15-2012 00:56 AM

I'll buy this it looks awesome. I've just sent you a private message, Echo.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Echo - 06-15-2012 01:03 AM

No problem I'll take a look now.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Monk - 06-24-2012 02:56 AM

This is great i will send you a payment now Echo

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Echo - 06-24-2012 12:36 PM

I've pm'd you're download link.

RE: MyBB Extras Footerbar - Monk - 06-24-2012 16:42 PM

Thanks Echo.

Just after a couple of opinions, do you think its worth removing the main search button ect from the top of the page seeing as its all in the footbar?