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Expiry Downloads - Echo - 01-10-2012 00:27 AM


This plugin allows admins to upload all kinds of files. Admins can set an expiry time for each uploaded file. Once the time expires, the link is no longer available. Can be used for multiple different reasons.

Plugin Name: Expiry Downloads
MyBB Compatibility: 1.6*
Plugin Version: 1.0
Author: Echo

This plugin is a single paid plugin which means its not part of the subscriber section. You can purchase this plugin via paypal for €5. Full support and unlimited upgrades are included. By purchasing this plugin you're also contributing to future plugin development at mybbextras. Without supporters mybbextras would not exist. Thank you for your support.

RE: Expiry Downloads - byann - 01-10-2012 15:31 PM

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RE: Expiry Downloads - arianik - 01-11-2012 17:08 PM

thanks man
great plugin

RE: Expiry Downloads - sonic1978 - 02-01-2012 16:20 PM

thanks man
great plugin