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Expiry Downloads Plugin - Echo - 01-09-2012 01:20 AM

Im creating a plugin that allows admins to upload all types of files, image, zip etc... The idea of the plugin is that the admin can set a time limit for each file that he/she uploads. After that time expires, the link is automatically dead. Theres a setting in ACP to delete dead links automatically if you wish. Here is a preview of the plugin, this first image is what an admin will see. You'll notice that some downloads have expired and the links are now dead.


In this next image you see that the admin section has "Delete All Links" and "Delete All Files" and a delete button for each individual link (These button can be turned on/off in ACP). These buttons allow an admin to delete all links that have been uploaded to the database and it also allows an admin to delete all the files that were uploaded to the upload directory, with the click of a button.


The next image is the normal member view and the disable page view. You'll notice for obvious reasons that the delete buttons are not available here.



Thats it as of now. Maybe a small fee for this one also as Ive spent a lot of time on it, tweaking, testing and making sure its working correctly under every scenario.

Now Available Here:

RE: Expiry Downloads Plugin - arianik - 01-09-2012 18:58 PM

cool plugin

thanks man

RE: Expiry Downloads Plugin - Beasty365 - 01-09-2012 20:53 PM

really cool plugin Smile, where can i get it?

RE: Expiry Downloads Plugin - epidemija - 01-10-2012 10:42 AM

thanks for this, but where to download Smile

RE: Expiry Downloads Plugin - Echo - 01-10-2012 10:57 AM

Its a paid plugin: